For the last half century, Citroën and Total have worked together in a technical and sporting partnership that has seen them tackle the most demanding conditions and motorsport categories. The joint development work done on lubricants, and sometimes on fuel too, has not only helped improve the performances of their respective products, but it has also helped them to amass a large haul of trophies, the key dates of which are set out below.


Total made its official debut in rallying on the four DSs competing at the Rallye Monte-Carlo. A year later, at the 1969 RALLYE DU MAROC, Bob Neyret claimed the partnership's maiden victory in his DS 21.


Also involved in the brand's promotional formulas, Total was  obviously a key player when Citroën launched the famous 2CV Cross.


Citroën and Total dominated the Tour du Sénégal, grabbing all of the TOP FIVE PLACES with CXs. They also recorded a one-two-three at the event the following year. The 1980s saw the advent of Citroën's Visa 1000 Pistes and then its BX 4TC, both homologated in the famous Group B class. Although they did not leave an indelible mark on the history of rallying, both confirmed Citroën and Total's enthusiasm for the category.


Citroën's motor racing department became Citroën Sport and the newly-named outfit decided take on the PARISDAKAR rally. Total added an extra dimension to its support, enabling Citroën to take advantage of its vast African network to supply fuel to the brand's cars. ARI VATANEN SECURED VICTORY FOR THE TWO BRANDS ON THEIR FIRST APPEARANCE IN 1991. They added to their competitive record with THREE FURTHER WINS AT CROSS-COUNTRY RALLYING'S BLUE RIBBON EVENT, thanks to Pierre Lartigue, in 1994, 1995 and 1996. Almost unbeatable in such large open spaces, the ZX Grand Raid claimed 36 WINS IN 42 RACES and FIVE MANUFACTURERS' AND DRIVERS' TITLES IN THE FIA CROSS COUNTRY RALLY WORLD CUP (Pierre Lartigue from 1993 to 1996 and Ari Vatanen in 1997).


Philippe Bugalski's overall wins at the Rallye de Catalunya and the Tour de Corse in the Xsara Kit-Car marked the beginning of the great Citroën-Total era in the WRC. The development of the Xsara WRC that followed shortly afterwards, the car's maiden win at the 2001 Tour de Corse and the brand winning its FIRST MANUFACTURERS' TITLE IN 2003 in its first full season in the championship were all key stages. With the Xsara WRC, Citroën and Total secured 32 RALLY WINS AND ADDED TWO MORE MANUFACTURERS' TITLES (2004 & 2005), whilst SÉBASTIEN LOEB AND DANIEL ELENA began what would become a record-breaking haul of titles, with their FIRST THREE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (2004, 2005 & 2006).


The introduction of the C4 WRC brought the partnership THREE MORE WORLD TITLES (2008, 2009 & 2010), 36 FURTHER WINS, whilst Loeb and Elena added FOUR TITLES (2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010) to their competitive record.


With the DS3 WRC, Citroën and Total were WORLD CHAMPIONS FOR THE SEVENTH AND EIGHTH TIMES (2011 & 2012), claiming a total of 26 WINS, whilst Loeb and Elena grabbed the LAST TWO OF THEIR NINE WORLD TITLES (2011 & 2012).


Whilst continuing to compete in the WRC, with other aims, Citroën and Total decided to take on another challenge, entering the WTCC with the C-Elysée. Between 2014 and 2016, they were almost unbeatable, sweeping all before them and racking up some incredible statistics on the way: THREE MANUFACTURERS' TITLES, THREE DRIVERS' TITLES with José-Maria Lopez, 50 WINS OUT OF 69 RACES and 31 POLE POSITIONS FROM 35 QUALIFYING SESSIONS!


Following this short interlude on the track, Citroën and Total returned to the WRC, their preferred discipline, this time with the C3 WRC. HAVING ALREADY WON TWO RALLIES (Mexico and Catalunya) last year, it seems highly likely that a few more pages will be added to this new chapter in their incredible shared history…


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