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What is Rallycross ?

Rallycross events use mixed-surface asphalt/dirt (60%/40%) circuits of about one kilometre in length and can feature one or more jumps. The drivers are knocked out as the weekend progresses and only the six fastest and bravest of them get to contest the final.

Joker Laps

All drivers must pass through this additional, slower section of track once per race. The key is in choosing the best moment to do so, which is where strategy adds an extra element of intrigue and spice to what is already a supremely spectacular sport.


 The teams’ spotters serve a similar role for a rallycross driver as the co-driver does for a rally driver – the major difference being that rather than sitting alongside the driver in the car, they can be found in the spotters’ tower at the side of the track. From their privileged position close to the display screens, each spotter is able to evaluate the various strategic options and advise their driver accordingly.



The rules of Rallycross by Timmy Hansen


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