Elf in F1


The new agreement signed by Renault and Elf - some 35 years after the partnership began - marks a whole new era for this remarkable success story. Since 1968 we have shared a string of victories, but the best is yet to come in terms of technological, commercial and sporting achievements. Our common values - daring, innovation and high-tech excellence - enable us to respond to the most stimulating challenges, the greatest of which lies in the Formula 1 arena ... to win back the World Championship.

Elf is not simply one of the sponsors of the Renault F1 Team. The Group is also a highly important technical partner. Over many years, Elf has developed bespoke products for Renault. Elf has two research and development teams dedicated to Renault. The first is based at the CRES (Elf's research centre at Solaize), whilst the other is permanently on call at race circuits, during Grand Prix and private test sessions. The work of these teams relies on extremely advanced studies and analysis designed to develop technical solutions to get Renault and Elf back on the road to success


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