The beginning

The beginning

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Birth of the Elf group and its operations in F1

France wanted to obtain an oil group of international scale, and this resulted in the creation of the Elf group.

Backed by with the determination to start with a flourish, in 1968 Elf launched out in a unique form of sport and human endeavour: Formula 1.

Presence in racing is vital to the success of a firm in terms of technology. It structures the state of mind of the teams, focusing them on the daring that brings success.

In this world, until then the private hunting ground of the English and Italians, Elf's first partner was Matra.

1968 > 1969

Beyond our wildest dreams

In 1968, winning a Grand Prix was not the primary objective and yet Jackie Stewart achieved a miracle, gaining the first podium for Elf on the Zandvoort circuit in the Netherlands. A first which was to be the start of a long series of successes.

1969 was a year of consecration, with Elf and Matra winning both the world drivers' championship and the world manufacturer's championship.

1969. With Jackie Stewart on Matra Ford, Elf won the drivers' championship world title and the manufacturer's championship world title in only its second year of participation in F1.

1971 > 1973

Glory and grief

1971 saw the arrival of François Cevert, a very promising young driver backed by Ken Tyrrell and Jackie Stewart.

With these two drivers, in that year the Tyrell Ford Elf team won 7 Grand Prix and the world titles in both the drivers' championship and the manufacturer's championship.

François Cevert was killed in a racing accident in 1973, what made Jackie Stewart decide to retire from racing, after winning 5 Grand Prix and the drivers' championship world title.

Despite these events, Elf was ready to take part in today's Formula 1.

It had a powerful well-organized winning machine to drive its policy of promoting French motorsports around the world.


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