Sam bird

Sam Bird
Born on 9 January 1987
in Roehampton (UK)
Resident in Stockon On Tees (UK)

Sam has been in Formula E since the beginning of the discipline in September 2014. He made the first season with Virgin Racing, just before the British team joined forces with DS Performance. This accomplished athlete is today one of the best drivers of the championship given his experience and his level of performance. On the podium or even victorious several times in three seasons, Sam is more than ever determined to continue to bring important points for his team.

You are one of the most experienced drivers in Formula E, and have witnessed the progress made by the discipline. What do you think of the direction of the championship?
I have been involved in Formula E since day one and I have to say I am quite proud of what we have achieved in such a short space of time. I truly believe that Formula E is having a real impact in terms of promoting the message of sustainable mobility by bringing great racing to the people in some of the coolest and most iconic cities in the world. 

In three seasons, you have won several races and achieved several podiums. How do you feel Season 2017-2018?
As always, it’s very difficult to predict what will happen ahead of the start to a new season. We had a good home stretch to season three with some strong results in the last few races, which gave us a solid platform to work from in preparation for season 2017-2018. On the other hand, our technical package will be a fine tuning of our season 2016-2017 package, whereas other teams have opted for more radical changes, so how competitive we will be will really depend on what kind of a step the other teams have made. 

Formula E is a discipline where the management of battery energy is crucial. How do you manage your own energy during a race day ?
It is an intense day with very little down time in between the sessions, so as drivers, we do need to manage our energy efficiently. Personally, I make sure I eat at specific times and remain well hydrated throughout. Having said that, myself and a few other drivers in the FE paddock also do a lot of endurance racing (in the World Endurance Championship) so keeping our intensity and efficiency levels up for 10 hours!


Alex Lynn

José María López 
Born on 17 september 1993
in London (UK)
Resident in Oxford (UK)

Alex was the development pilot of the DSV-03. After a successful run at the two New York ePrix in July 2017, he was confirmed as the titular driver for this fourth season. Experienced in single-seater-he has run in GP2 and GP3, Alex is a very active man. He prefers winter sports to summer idleness by far, and is among the hopes of the discipline. Alex and Sam are the only 100% British duo in the paddock.

After having driven several kinds of single seater, what do you think about Formula E reading other series?
I think the Formula E is very recreational and objectively very different from what we can see elsewhere in motorsport. I like the challenge of
driving these cars that do not make much noise but are very spectacular and fun.

You were a test driver but you ran two races in New York last season. This year you are now an official DS Virgin Racing driver. What does this represent for you?
I am really proud to represent the DS Virgin Racing team. Last year, while I was a development pilot, I had the opportunity to spend many days with the team and to show that I really wanted to continue to invest myself. One more time, I am very proud to be here.

How are you preparing for an ePrix? Do you need to be active and surrounded, or on the contrary to be alone and very calm to concentrate?
I spend a lot of time with the team to prepare myself, both in the workshops and the simulator. For me it is very important that we stay together so that we are all focused on the same goal on the day of the race.


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