The car DSV-02

Formula DS E-TENSE F19

Length x Width x Height: 5 m x 1,78 m x 0,99 m
Wheelbase: 3,10 m
Weight of the car: 880 kg minimum
Weight of the battery: 190 kg (capacity 28 KW/h)
Engine: One electric engine driving AR wheels
Max. power: 200 kW (271 ch)
Racing energy recovered power: 150 kW*
Supply: 700 V
Gearbox: 3 rapports
Brakes: Ventilated carbon disks, 4-piston calipers; adjustable AV/AR distribution from the interior
Max. speed: 225 km/h
Acceleration from 0 to 62mph: Less than 4 s
Braking distance: 100 m to slow down from 130mph to 25mph
Tyres: Michelin Pilot Sport EV 2, 245x40R18 (F), 305x40R18 (R)
*Energy recovered when braking or slowing down


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