08:00 : practice trials 1 (45 mins)
10:30 : practice trials 2 (30 mins)
12:00 : qualifying sessions
12:45 : super pole
16:04 : ePrix start
17:05 : podium

Drivers have two cars to cover the entire ePrix and must change over at the most suitable time according to their team strategy. A minimum fixed time is applied by the race authorities according to the configuration of each circuit. According to regulations, an ePrix must cover at least 37 miles and last at most 1 hour plus one lap.

The winner is allocated 25 championship points, the second 18, the third 15, etc. and the tenth the last point. The principle is exactly the same for the Teams championship and bonus points are awarded for pole position (3) and the fastest lap during the race (1). During qualifiers, cars can use 200 kW of power, but are limited to 170 kW during the race. Three pilots can, however, use a temporary power reserve thanks to FanBoost, which is awarded by the public via an online vote. Internet users can vote for their favourite driver up to 12 days before the race and six minutes after the departure! It is the first time such an interaction has existed in motor sport.

To be entitled to race in Formula E, each pilot must have an eLicence, which is issued according to specific FIA rules and after having followed a safety training course for electric systems. From this season onwards there will be a system of penalty points aimed at punishing bad behaviour (on a discretionary basis for stewards and race authorities). For pilots totalling 12 bad points, their eLicence may be suspended before counters are reset.


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