2019 Calendar

15 December 2018 Ad-Diriyadh (Saudi Arabia)

Arabie Saoudite

This is the first time that Formula E has been to the Middle East, and more particularly to an oil-producing country. Saudi Arabia wishes to give a sign of openness by hosting a 100% electric discipline. In addition, on Sunday, several female drivers (?)s will take to the track during a test session.

Circuit length: 2.495 km 21 bends
12 January 2019 Marrakech (Morocco)


The semi-permanent Moulay el Hassan circuit will receive Formula E for the third consecutive time. Morocco is economically dynamic, and the championship organisers have always stressed the importance of maintaining the existence of a race in Africa, where clean mobility and new energies need to be promoted.

Circuit length: 2.99 km 12 bends
26 January Santiago de Chile (Chile)


A region of the world where motorsport is highly appreciated, whatever the category. This year - it will be the second E-Prix to be held in this city - the race will take place around O'Higgins Park, in the heart of the city.

Circuit length: 2.4 km 14 bends
16 February Mexico City (Mexico)


On the Formula E calendar since season 2, Mexico City is one of the most popular races in the world. It is also the highest in the championship, since the city is located at an altitude of 2,250 metres. The track winds between part of the Hermanos Rodrigues circuit and a former baseball stadium. Sensations guaranteed!

Length: 2,093 km 17 bends
March 10 Hong Kong (China)


Hong Kong hosts the championship for the third time. After two races in the same weekend at the end of 2017, it is this time in March that a single E-Prix will take place. A much cooler weather awaits the competitors, but DS-Techeetah will be able to rely on Total fluids and greases to ensure the best level of lubrication and thermal management for their cars.

Length: 1,850 km 10 bends
March 23 Sanya (China)


Formula E travels for the first time to the island of Hainan, where the city of Sanya is located. In the first two seasons, the championship started in Beijing, with a circuit around the Olympic stadium. Another highly touristic place, Sanya welcomed her first E-Prix in a summer atmosphere.

Length of the circuit: alignment under approval
13 April Rome, Italy


The Eternal City is the first stopover of the Formula E's major European tour. After the great success of the race in 2018, the championship will once again be held in the EUR district. The hilly track is very popular with pilots.

Length: 2.84 km 21 bends
27 April Paris (France)


Total and DS-Techeetah will be keen to shine at their national E-Prix, in addition to with a defending French champion driver behind the wheel. The Invalides circuit is exceptional considering its geographical position, and it is the race that every driver dreams of adding to his list of achievements.

Length: 1.9 km 14 bends
11 May Monaco


Motor sport and green mobility have always been closely linked in the Principality. Every other year, alternating with the historic Formula 1 Grand Prix, Formula E uses the facilities and part of the circuit reserved for Formula 1. Two years ago, it was the shortest track of the season, and changes to the route could be made.

Length of the circuit: alignment under approval
25 May Berlin (Germany)


The German capital is hosting the championship for the 4th time. The historic airport of Tempelhof is not only impressive with its huge building, but its tarmac conceals a very abrasive ground that leads the teams to make special adjustments on their cars. It is a very family event in Germany.

Length: 2.375 km 10 bends
9 June Bern (Switzerland)


After Zurich, last June, Bern will have the pleasure of lending its streets to the championship's electric cars. It will therefore be a brand new circuit that pilots will first discover on a simulator. The Swiss capital promises a very interesting route in terms of sports.

Length of the circuit: alignment under approval
July 13 and 14 New York (United States)


This is the third time that the ephemeral Red Hook circuit in the Brooklyn area has hosted both end-of-season races. It is here that Jean-Eric Vergne, now a pilot for the DS-Techeetah team, Total's partner, won his champion's title on July 14

Length: 2.373 km 14 bends


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