Team Panis Barthez

Panis-Barthez Team

Team Panis Barthez

"We were immediately seduced when Olivier Panis and Fabien Barthez – two exceptional athletes - came to introduce their project. What was really appealing to us was their will to share their very high standard of experience with young drivers. We are happy and proud to share this human and sports adventure with them. "

Eric Reverberi, responsible for Rallyes and Endurance at Total Motorsport Division

  • Programme: 24 Hours of Le Mans and European Le Mans Series (ELMS) for the LMP2 car.
  • Category: LMP2
  • Car: Ligier JSP2. Nissan V8 engine, 4,5 litres and 550 bhp. Xtrac 6 speed gearbox. Semi-automatic paddle shift gear change. 75l fuel cell designed to FIA safety standards. Double wishbone suspension. Carbone brake discs.  Closed carbone fibre monocoque. Weight: 900 kg.
  • Lubricant: Total
  • Number of cars entered: 1 (+ 1 LMP3 in ELMS)
  • Team:

Car #23 (LMP2)

  • Fabien Barthez (French, 44): 2013 French GT champion; winner of the Gentleman Trophy in the 2011 French GT championship; 1998 Football World Champion with the French team.
  • Paul-Loup Chatin (French, 22): 2014 ELMS champion (with Alpine); 2013 LMPC European champion; member of the French FFSA team in 2012; 2010 Euro Formula winner.
  • Timothé Buret (French, 20): 5th in the 2015 US Pro Mazda championship, 2013 VdeV 2 litres proto endurance vice-champion.

Car LMP3 (only in ELMS)

  • Eric Debard (French, 51): 2009 French GT champion; winner of the 2005 Super tourism French Cup.
  • Simon Gachet (French, 23): 5th in the 2014 ALPS 2.0 Renault Formula; 3rd in the 2012 French Formula 4 championship; 2011 single-seat VdeV champion; 2011 Euro Formula winner.
  • Valentin Moineault (French, 19): 2015 French Formula 4 champion.