Sam bird

Sam Bird
Born on 9 January 1987
in Roehampton (UK)
Resident in Stockon On Tees (UK)

Sam is one of Formula E’s most experienced racing drivers. He has taken part in all the ePrix since the discipline was launched. This excellent golfer (8 handicap), who regularly practices yoga with his partner, Holly, a teacher of the discipline, has no routine or particular ritual before getting behind the wheel. He does, however, like to relax listening to music before an intense day’s racing.

You’ve been committed to Formula E since the discipline started. How do you see the championship today?
In the beginning I didn’t really know what to expect because everything was new. Today I think it’s a really professional championship. Formula E has a strong power of attraction, with more and more manufacturers wanting to join.  

This season you changed team-mate. How did you react to the arrival of José María López?
Pechito is an international racing driver with a great deal of experience in motor sport and who’s won several WTCC world championships. We work well together, and given our respective characters, we make a good team. 

What’s your most memorable moment in Formula E?
It was 6 February 2016 when I got into pole position and won the race in Buenos Aires. It was my first success with DS and I’m sure they’ll be more to follow!



José María López 
Born on 26 April 1983 in Rio Tercero (Argentina)
Resident in Mies (Switzerland)

Before becoming world WTCC champion and entering Formula E, Pechito had already tasted the joys of the single-seater, namely to Formula 1. He is a true competitor and is passionate about his job. When he is asked whether he has a lucky charm, he says that the only thing which brings him good luck is his work!

How did you see Formula E before arriving at DS?
To be completely honest, I thought it was strange. Electric cars which don’t make any mechanical noise… that’s what made me curious. But now I’ve tasted it, I adore it and I find the challenge fantastic! I’ve already spent many years in motor sport and I’m delighted to be in Formula E.

Can you compare your DSV-02 with another racing car?
That’s not possible. This single-seater looks nothing like the cars I was used to driving. The road handling, the brakes, power management… 
everything is different.

Do you think Formula E is the future?
Yes, of course it is. The car industry is starting to use less and less fossil fuels, and motor sport will follow suit. Formula E will also help develop future technologies, which will be able to be used later on in mass produced vehicles.