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WEC, A to Z

Audi : The German team, world champion in the last two years, is aiming in 2014 a third title in a row.

Driving time : In LMP1, every driver has to be on track for 45 minutes minimum, 4h30 maximum during a six-hours race.

Engines : Only one engine for both qualification and race in LMP1 class. Three engines for the whole season in LMP2.

ERS : Energy Recovering System, kinetic or thermal

Fifty : number of points awarded to the winner crew at the 24 Hours of Le Mans

Gearbox : The new rules allow now the use of a 7-gears transmission, plus a mandatory reverse

Japan : Endurance racing met success from the off in Japan. When Toyota decided to come back, no one had forgottent their stnning GT-One from the end of the nineties.

Kristensen : Dane Tom Kristensen, 46, record 9-time Le Mans winner, aims a fabulous ten in 2014..

Le Mans : The only race in the calendar to last 24 hours, it is only six for the seven others.

LMP1 : This category is now divided in two : The LMP1-H (Hybrid) with ERS (Energy Recovering System) and the LMP1-L (Light, for the privateers) without the ERS

McNish : Scottish driver Allan McNish, 44, three-time winner in Le Mans (1998, 2008, 2013) retired from racing at the end of 2013. He is replaced by the Brazilian Lucas di Grassi in the Audi #1.

Numbers : In order to make the race esier to follow, the cr numbers of a class have one color. Red for LMP1, blue for LMP2, green for GTE Pro, orange for GTE Am

Porsche : The German marque in back in Endurance raging, sixteen years after the last of their sixteen success in Le Mans.

Safety Car : Only one for a whole weekend, except in Le Mans, where there will be three. During the first three laps of the safety car, the pit entry will be closed. Any car entering the pits during these first three laps shall be allowed to refuel for only 5 seconds and/or replace a (the) damaged tyre(s), on the condition that after the third lap, or as soon as the pit entry opens, the car comes back in again for a normal pit stop.

Sao Paulo : Last race in the 2014 calendar, replacing Bahrain which ended the 2013 season.

Tyres : In the LMP1 category (as in GTE Pro and GTE Am), the tyres used during qualification will have to be used for the start of the race.

Warm-up : No warm-up before the start of the race, except for a 'force majeure' case, when the drivers safety could be corrupted by bad weather conditions for example.

Webber : Mark Webber left Formula 1 after twelve years and 215 starts to make his comeback in Endurance. The new Porsche driver will be the center of the attention this season in the paddock.

Weight : The minimum weight has dropped since 2013, 870 kg (915 in the past) for the LMP1-H, 850 (900 in the past) for the LMP1-L

Zoom : Total compétition will follow all the WEC season and provide you with facts and results of Toyota team


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