Smart tweaks for regulations

Broken up in 2011 as new cars appeared, as well as new engines and the Power Stage, WRC regulations are now stable for three years. The main change from last year relates undoubtedly to starting order. On teams request, FIA World Council agreed that starting order for the first day follows Championship ranking order. The following two days the starting order is the reverse order of the event classification.

In the past, a qualifying and free practice were held but this process was rated unsatisfying after two years and dropped. Rally 2 runners (who retired in a leg of the rally) will new start after the WRC1 and WRC2.

Events format has also been changed to be similar at every event with a ceremonial start on Thursday and a finish on Sunday afternoons after the Power Stage (which cannot be less than 10 km long).

To make the race more lively for fans, all competitors registered in the Championships – WRC, WRC 2, WRC 3 and Junior WRC - will be obliged to use a colour-coded windscreen and front-doors sticker to promote the category in which they are competing and scoring points.

Teams no longer have to appoint a permanent driver for the whole year but only 10 of the 13 races .


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