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The FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) is without a doubt one of the most demanding competitions in the world of motorsports. And also one of the most spectacular! This legendary competition takes in 14 different countries, from Argentina’s rugged trails to Sweden’s snow-covered forests. As the official fuel supplier and a longstanding partner of Citroën, Total is a major player in this competition.

Total, official fuel supplier for the WRC

Chosen as the official fuel supplier for the WRC until the end of 2021, we harnessed all our expert capabilities to develop TOTAL EXCELLIUM RALLY, a high-quality fuel designed to withstand various weather conditions. It is also more environmentally-friendly, because it includes 10% second-generation bioethanol - produced from waste wood or straw, as well as stalks, leaves or non-editable parts from fruit and vegetables. 

Each season, we produce 250,000 to 300,000 litres of this fuel, which is packaged in drums then shipped to the rally sites. On-site, a dozen people set up 2 to 3 mobile stations to offer optimum refuelling conditions for competitors throughout the race, whatever the category – WRC, WRC2, WRC3, Junior WRC - in line with the specific features of each event. 

TOTAL - Official Fuel Supplier of the World Rally Championship - 2020 Season
  • 10 to 12
    teams competing in the WRC, depending on the events and manufacturers
  • 1,500
    maximum distance covered by the competitors during a rally
  • 10
    second-generation bioethanol from plant waste for the TOTAL EXCELLIUM RALLY fuel

Citroën and Total: over 50 years of chemistry

Citroën and Total celebrated their partnership’s 50th anniversary in 2018 – and had plenty of camaraderie, conversations, innovations and success stories to look back on over that half-century. After 102 WRC wins since 1999, Citroën has decided to approach the world championship from a new angle in 2020: supporting its customers competing in the WRC2 and WRC3 categories with its C3 R5 cars. It sees this as an opportunity to take the development of its C3 R5, which it started working on in 2018, to the next level. And to treat all its customers to an ever more competitive car. 

Citroën Racing and its partners Total and Michelin officially back PH Sport’s drivers Mads Østberg (Nor) and Yohan Rossel (Fra). 

At the Rallye Monte-Carlo, French drivers Eric Camilli and Nicolas Ciamin were also supported by Citroën Racing and Total. A total of four C3 R5s therefore competed – very successfully – in Total colours, winning the WRC2 and WRC3 classes, with all of them finishing in the top five of the category at one of the most demanding WRC events. This flying start to the season was followed by another WRC2 win for the Norwegian Mads Østberg at Rally Sweden, before Bolivian driver Marquito Bulacia made it a hat-trick of wins for Total-backed C3 R5s, this time securing victory in the WRC3 class in Mexico. 

The world championship’s tracks subject cars to sub-zero temperatures in Monte-Carlo and Sweden, dizzying heights in Mexico (engines lose 10% of their horsepower every 1,000 metres of altitude they gain) and sweltering heat, as is often the case in Sardinia. To tackle this wide variety of challenges, cars need quality lubricants that persistently push the limits, i.e. ease more friction and cut more weight, last longer and keep temperatures in check in the engine, gearbox and transmission. And the Total Quartz lubricant range that Citroën Racing uses does all the above. 

20 OSTBERG Mads (NOR), PH Sport, Citröen C3, ambience during Rallye Monte Carlo, France, from January 20 - 26 - Photo Jiri Simecek/MCH Photography