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From time trials to jumps and skids, off-road and on-road…the FIA World Rallycross Championship (WRX) is one of the world’s most spectacular motorsport disciplines! Led by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) since 2014, this competition is attracting growing audiences each year. As both the official lubricants partner and a team partner for Hansen MJP and GCK, Total is passionate about and committed to this championship.

Unique and thrilling competition

The WRX is not like any other motorsport championship. First of all, because its 12 events take place on closed circuits around 1km long, scattered with jumps, on mixed tracks: around 60% off-road and 40% on-road.

The WRX has two key features that make it even more fascinating and unique. The first is the “Joker Lap”: an extra portion that extends the track and must be taken once by each driver during each race…The challenge is to choose the best time to do it! The second is the “spotter”: like a co-pilot, except they are not in the car, but trackside. Spotters can see the whole race and their role is to assist drivers with their strategic choices.

drivers competing in the WRX
races on the calendar for 2020
average power of a WRX engine

Total, a major player in the WRX

In 2019, Total renewed its partnership with IMG (International Management Group), the WRX’s promoter. We were appointed as the official lubricants partner, enabling us to showcase the Total Quartz lubricant range. In addition, we are an official partner for six of the championship’s stages: in Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Canada, France and South Africa.

We are also working alongside the Hansen MJP and GCK teams, enabling them to benefit from our technical know-how and our extensive range of innovative high-performance lubricants.

The GCK team, with its talented drivers Guerlain Chicherit and Anton Marklund, is benefiting from ELF lubricants: ELF HTX 860 for their engine and ELF HTX 755 for their gearbox, as well as ELF HTX 320 brake fluid and ELF HTX Coolant CI for their coolant fluid.

The Hansen team, with the Hansen brothers Timmy and Kevin at the wheel of the new PEUGEOT 208 WRX, uses TOTAL QUARTZ 10W-50 for their engine and ELF 755 HPX 80W-140 for their gearbox lubricants.

These products played a decisive role in Timmy Hansen’s final victory in the drivers’ world championship and Hansen MJP’s team title in the 2019 season.


Belgique - Mai 2019